Polperro Certified Organic & Biodynamic Produce Farm /

nasaa certified

we started with an idea… we wanted to celebrate the land and the nourishment it provides

A celebration of the land and the nourishment it provides. Polperro Farm is a certified organic, no-till, regenerative farm in Red Hill. We strive to farm in a way that is ecologically respectful, nurturing soil life and fertility.

Our owned and operated, multi-hectare, certified organic and biodynamic produce farm is farmed and managed applying our philosophy of sustainability and regenerative agriculture. Our gentle biological, biodynamic and organic practices operating with a deep connection to the land, striving to build life and fertility. Our farm allows us to harvest nourishing food from the earth when flavour and quality is at its peak. From the earth, to the kitchen, to your plate, all in one day. This creates the unique opportunity for our Chefs to have the means and the talent to prepare truly seasonal, evolving menu experiences.

The farm spans over multiple fully managed properties, including a 2.5 acre certified organic vegetable farm, a stunning fruit orchard with heirloom apples, olives, stone fruit, figs and citrus, plus an edible Garnish Garden. We have free range chickens producing the best eggs mother nature has to offer, and we also farm delicate grass fed lamb.

Our Farm Manager Nick, an ex-head chef himself, works hand in hand with the our Executive Chef for Polperro and Many Little, Gayan, to ensure our produce is at its peak before harvesting. Gayan engages his creative talents to develop their ideas from a tiny seed to a stunning dish. This collaboration comes to life in our menus, our farm growing to season, flavour profile, size and variety.

Polperro’s unique, bespoke and creative menu, featuring heirloom varietals and perfect flavour profiles, are made possible through our long-held relationships with key industry experts, combined with our own saved seedbank. This gives our chefs access to the very best produce.