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Polperro Winery Farm

Polperro Farm is a certified organic, no-till, regenerative farm in Red Hill. We strive to farm in a way that is ecologically respectful, nurturing soil life and fertility.

The dream begins on the land, with the soil. And Red Hill’s nutrient rich fertile soil is our first and foremost consideration. One method we practice to promote soil health is called ‘No-Till’ Farming. We do not use a tractor to plough or turn our soil. Through minimal disturbance we minimise the impact on the land by not unnecessarily disturbing the natural soil structure.
With the use of biodynamics, composting, integrating animals, cover crops, natives, and perennial planting, we encourage our soil web to thrive, and create balance and fertility within our soils. We strongly believe this is the key of regenerative farming and ‘farming for the future’.

Being a Certified Organic Managed Farm through NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia), we do not use toxic chemical or inputs that strip the soil of life – we prefer to nurture our land, which in turn blesses us with delicious nutritious produce.

We are very proud and passionate about our Polperro Farm and our farming practices. If you’re interested and would like to know more, please feel free to contact our Farm Manager – Nick Monaghan: [email protected]

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