Mid-summer at Polperro Farm

Cherry tomatoes on the vine at Polperro Farm  Farmer Nick Monaghan tends tomato vines at Polperro Farm

Mid-summer is a busy time at Polperro Farm, plenty of germinating in the nursery and we are two weeks shy of the farm being in full abundance, meaning our plots are almost at capacity. It’s been a good growing season with rainfall but the challenge has been in the humidity, without those dry consistent days you’d normally expect. 

Summer haul /

We have planted all the summer crops now to the point of second succession. We’ve had the second round of cucumbers and zucchinis go in. We’re enjoying their blossoms in the second course of Polperro Vineyard Dining menu, as well as the last-of-the-season tomatoes. 

In fact, we are enjoying our best tomato season in the six years we have been cultivating our certified-organic farm! The cherry tomatoes have taken off in the poly-tunnels. We’ve been harvesting these since Christmas and this week picked an 88kg haul. The field tomatoes are growing well including Green Zebras and the stunningly dramatic dark purple Jupiters. 

Introducing…Ice Plant /

A big win this season is we have successfully cultivated the native succulent ‘Ice plant’. Chef Gayan Pieris adores this as a textural garnish but it’s taken a lot of love and attention to get them going. They’re an annual succulent so they’re difficult to germinate from seed. They have to be kept hydrated so they don’t dry out. You can see that moisture – bejewelled as they are with tiny water droplets. It has taken a lot of TLC to get the seedlings right, and now these babies have graduated from the tunnel to the main bed.

Watch this space /

Plenty more good stuff in store – the corn is going really well (not quite as high as an elephant’s eye). They’ve still got plenty of growth in them – we won’t be harvesting them until the winter when the plants start to shut down. ‘Up the hill’  our season runs later – normally you’d be planting corn out in the spring but we can’t actually plant up here until the summer. The chillis and capsicum are always a bit behind in our cooler microclimate. Pumpkins are starting their long journey to the plate – Butternut, Japanese and some heritage varieties planted. We’re always busy planting out lettuces and every four weeks we plant another bed of carrots. 

Love your work, Farmer Nick Monaghan and team!