Wine Making - Our Process

“The growing commoditisation of wines frustrates me. Where is the pleasure in wine that all tastes the same? The wine I love contributes to a proud winemaking tradition because it is true to its origins and has its own character”
Sam Coverdale Winemaker, Polperro and Even Keel

A friendly,
but firm hand

Even Keel’s small production of elegant and balanced wines relies on sourcing premium fruit. We have ensured supply by establishing long-term relationships with growers from individually selected vineyards in some of Australia’s best and most distinctive winegrowing regions.

For our premium label, Polperro, Sam Coverdale is involved in all aspects of winegrowing and winemaking, using a mix of traditional and modern practices that ensure minimal intervention and a sustainable approach. Fruit is sourced from single vineyards located within the Mornington Peninsula and selected for their aspects and micro-climates.

Our Even Keel label celebrates varieties that are best suited to particular regions outside the Mornington Peninsula. Once again, all stages of fruit development, such as pruning and canopy management, are overseen by Sam and Even Keel to retain the integrity of each vineyard and season, and nurture each wine’s personality.

At harvest time, the grapes undergo the first stage of processing (separating the grape skins and juice) at local wineries, utilising local experience and expertise. This ensures the grapes remain in peak condition, avoiding damage during transportation.

Completion at our home in the Mornington Peninsula

After the delicate transfer of the fruit to Even Keel’s home in the Mornington Peninsula, a combination of traditional and modern winemaking techniques, all carried out by hand, complete the process.

"We are winegrowers with a deep love and care for the land. We make, grow and farm our vineyards using a philisophy of sustainability and regenerative agricultural. How we achieve this is by using a mix of biological, biodynamic and organic practices. We have achieved organic and biodynamic certification at Polperro in 2019." - Sam Coverdale

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