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At this point in the season it’s all about canopy management. We are halfway through shoot thinning, where shoots are pruned out to open up the canopy, thereby reducing disease pressure and balancing the vine to ensure we have the right amount of grapes for canopy ripening later in the growing season.

This helps build concentration and fruit weight in the grapes, and subsequently the wines. It’s a very critical stage of the grape growing cycle. We are also managing the undervine by removing weeds organically using our Clemens cultivator.

So far spring has been incredibly wet and October is below average in temperatures. Despite this, the vines are looking balanced and the season is shaping up well.

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We have just finished bottling all of our 2020 single vineyard Polperro Pinot Noir’s, which are looking superb.

Just in time for summer fun we have recently bottled our Tempranillo Rosé from the Mornington Peninsula, which is a delicious drink, look out for its release this summer. Our Even Keel Pinot Gris has also gone to bottle and it’s drinking very well, again stay tuned as the weather warms up we will be releasing this wine soon.

We are pulling our Polperro Pinot Gris, Fumé Blanc and Even Keel Cortese out of barrel and into the tank. So far the recent ‘21 vintage is putting up some amazing wines, we could not be more excited to get these beauties into bottle and into your hot little hands.