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Wine Club /

Our wine club packs are carefully curated by owner and winemaker Sam Coverdale, to showcase our passion for quality wine and viticulture.

Offering 2 different wine experiences, with an exclusive add on to the Premium experience with Sam’s Cellar Club.

Our wines are focused on minimal intervention and sustainability. The wines are restrained and elegant with a distinctive minerality. These wines are a true expression of the sites on which they are grown.

Subscriptions are curated and delivered quarterly to your door, with exclusive access to Polperro and Even Keel pre-release vintages, free postage within Australia, and a substantial saving off retail pricing.

The growing commoditisation of wines frustrates me. Where is the pleasure in wine that all tastes the same? The wine I love contributes to a proud winemaking tradition because it is true to its origins and has its own character

polperro experience

Polperro & Even Keel Total Experience /

Enjoy a selection of both our Polperro & Even Keel wines allowing you to explore our regions and wine styles.

total experience

Polperro & Even Keel Premium Experience /

Enjoy a selection of both our Polperro & Even Keel wines allowing you to explore our regions and styles, plus our single vineyard and limited edition wine.

sams club

Sam's Cellar Club /

Exclusive add-on option to the Premium Experience only – featuring a 6 pack of museum wines hand selected by Sam.

Polperro wine – est. 2009 /

Our wine is estate grown, a single vineyard expression of our unique sites from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. This regions distinctive attributes are as a cool maritime climate, bounded on three sides by ocean and the varied altitudes of the verdant hinterland, cooled by the salty winds and nurturing the ancient rich volcanic soils.

Sam Coverdale, owner and winemaker, along with his team, tends to every facet of vineyard management, wine growing and wine making. This ensures that the resulting wines demonstrate a clear sense of place where the elements of the soil, micro climate and the people who tend to the land come together to create something truly unique. We manage 8 vineyards, 3 of which are used to create our single vineyard wines.

Our Mornington Peninsula single vineyard range consists of Talland Hill, which is Certified Organic and Biodynamic, Landaviddy Lane (sub region Shoreham) and Mill Hill (sub region Red Hill) the highest vineyard on the Peninsula.

We grow, make and farm our vineyards using a philosophy of sustainability and regenerative agriculture, applying a mix of biological, biodynamic and organic practices.

Even Keel Wine – Est. 2006 /

Celebrates the individual strengths of Australia’s wine regions with a small production of elegant and balanced wines grown in regions best suited to specific varieties.

Even Keel’s small production of wines is established through long-term relationships with growers from individually selected vineyards in some of Australia’s best and most distinctive wine growing regions.

Whether it be Chardonnay from Tumbarumba, Pinot Noir from Mornington Peninsula, Syrah from the Canberra District or Pinot Noir, Sam focuses on wine making techniques that reflect the particular influences specific to each region.

All stages of fruit development, such as pruning and canopy management, are overseen by Sam to retain the integrity of each vineyard, reflect the season and nurture each wine’s personality.

After the delicate transfer of the fruit to our winery on the Mornington Peninsula, a combination of traditional and modern wine making techniques are employed and carried out by hand to complete the process.

Vineyard Dining / Lunch – Wednesday to Sunday: 11am – 4pm

Dinner – Saturday 20th April – Saturday 31st August, 6pm – late.

Cellar Door / Wed – Sun: 11am – 5pm